The Future of Transportation and Mobility Series
Held annually, FTMS explores and promotes topics and solutions to accelerate the future of connected and autonomous vehicle industry.
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FTMS Spring 2021 - Supply Chain: Autonomous Goods and Services Movement

FTMS Spring 2021: The Future of Autonomous Logistics Today
Chris Keefe, Vice President Autonomous Programs, North America, Aurrigo, speaks about the future of autonomous logistics.
FTMS Spring 2021: Autonomous Vehicles – Are we Ready?
AVs are coming and will have a disruptive impact. Whether that impact is positive or negative is dependent on our ability to think about and plan how best to leverage this technology to best shape our cities of the future and meet societal needs.
FTMS Spring 2021 Panel: Role of Cybersecurity & Smart Infrastructure
Hear from an esteemed panel of experts that are preparing for the future of cybersecurity in our cities of tomorrow.
FTMS Spring 2021 Panel: Goods Movement and the Transition to Autonomous Operations
What trends and technologies have initiated the transformation of the goods movement sector? What will the migration from labour-based services to autonomous operations look like? What should we expect next?