The Future of Transportation and Mobility Series
Held annually, FTMS explores and promotes topics and solutions to accelerate the future of connected and autonomous vehicle industry.
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FTMS Events

FTMS Spring 2021: Making Traffic Infrastructure Smarter with Machine-to-Machine Communication with iSmartWays
Join to hear how Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) enabled cities can dramatically improve traffic efficiency, reduce congestion, increase safety and bring about a digital smart transportation ecosystem.
FTMS Spring 2021: IoT Eco-Systems – Data Collection Through Sensors with SmartCone
If you are looking to understand edge computing and sensor integration along with accessible sensor streams to enable development or your technology, this session is for you!
FTMS Spring 2021: Smart City Waste Management
Learn how the City of Vancouver and Inovex created a waste management system using data and telematics.
FTMS Spring 2021: Gearing up for Autonomy – We’re Closer Than You Think
As sensor technology is integrated into logistics and smart city environments for asset tracking and data acquisition, it lays the groundwork to advance autonomous technology with a larger fail-safe sensor system that aid the vehicles in complex environments.
FTMS Spring 2021: Small Things, Big Impact – The Future of Goods Movement
This presentation will provide a deep dive into the applications, capabilities, and economic impact, with up-to-date information from the manufacturers and suppliers of this emerging technology.
FTMS Spring 2021: Standards, Technologies, and Policies Necessary for Municipal Readiness
With the goods movement sector poised for the first phases of adoption, municipal policies, regulations, and infrastructure — including hardware and software — are critical to supporting innovation in this sector.