Why will we need 5G?
In this training provided by Nokia, you will learn what is driving 5G.
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5G packet core architecture
This Nokia eLearning introduces the 5G end-to-end system architecture and highlights its characteristics.
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FTO for Patents – with Bereskin & Parr
You may know about patents and their implications. However, have you ever considered whether or not your product has the freedom to operate (FTO) in the jurisdiction in which you want to sell, make or import your product? Let Reshika Dhir and David Morrison of Bereskin & Parr walk you through the fundamentals of FTO as it applies to patents.
Building a Marketing Sales Funnel for Your Business, with Marketing CoPilot
In this course our friends at Marketing CoPilot walk you through the essentials on building your Marketing Sales Funnel, engaging with your leads and nurturing them to conversion.
SnapPea Design Chat – User Experience Product Design
In this course, our friends from Kitchener, Ontario based SnapPea Design join us to chat about user experience (UX) as it applies to product design. Featuring Steven Fyke, CEO and Founder, and Victoria Vandenberg, Senior UX Designer.
Introduction to Data Lakes on AWS, with AWS Canada
In this course, our friend Neil McFarlane, Healthcare Solutions Architect with AWS Canada, walks you through the background, basics and benefits of Data Lakes on AWS.
Sales Bootcamp Primer, by Venture Accelerator Partners
In this course, our friend Mark Elliot, co-founder of Venture Accelerator Partners, sets you up with the basics to plan and meet your sales goals. This is course serves as a perfect primer for Mark’s more intensive Sales Bootcamps.
Cybersecurity for CAVs
This webinar discusses the emerging CAV cybersecurity risks and impacts, while highlighting the types of innovations being developed to meet these complex challenges.
Raising Financing during Turbulent Times – Debt Capital Options for Innovation Companies
This is the third webinar in the series focused on debt financing opportunities for innovation companies. This expert panel discuss how technology companies can leverage venture and growth debt either in conjunction with or in the absence of financing from traditional banks and financial institutions.
Autonomous Vehicles Reshaping the Future
Learn more about the anticipated shifts that AVs will bring to various sectors of our economy.
FTMS Spring 2021: Making Traffic Infrastructure Smarter with Machine-to-Machine Communication with iSmartWays
Join to hear how Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) enabled cities can dramatically improve traffic efficiency, reduce congestion, increase safety and bring about a digital smart transportation ecosystem.
FTMS Spring 2021: IoT Eco-Systems – Data Collection Through Sensors with SmartCone
If you are looking to understand edge computing and sensor integration along with accessible sensor streams to enable development or your technology, this session is for you!
Shaping the Future of Ontario’s Automotive & Mobility Evolution with AVIN
The Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network (AVIN) has developed programs and resources to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as they develop, test, and commercialize their products and solutions.
Funding Simplified – by Prolucid
Our friends from Prolucid present seven steps for getting your business set up for funding success, As well as background on funding types, due diligence, and a case study.
5G Optical Anyhaul Overview – Nokia
The scope of this course is to describe the Nokia 5G Optical Anyhaul solution, in particular the optical network proposal including the 1830 VWM and 1830 TPS.
Nokia 5G Packet Core Architecture Overview – Nokia
This eLearning introduces the 5G end-to-end system architecture and highlights its characteristics. It describes the Nokia solution for 5G non-standalone Option 3X. It also examines the architecture of the 5G next-generation core by highlighting the role of each network function.
5G Network Slicing and Industry 4.0 – Nokia
Autonomous vehicles and AR tend to steal the spotlight, but 5G’s game-changer is for the factory floor. Veteran Nokia Bell Labs director Marina Thottan discusses how network slicing is a key driver for Industry 4.0.
Why Will We Need 5G? – Nokia
Future mobile technologies usher in new paradigms for connected society. In this training, you will learn what is driving 5G.
Finding Talent, Onboarding New Hires & Performance Management for Start-ups – Devreve
Whether you are a new start up or a scaling enterprise, instituting good Human Resource practices sets you and your team up for success. Let our friends at Devreve guide you through some foundational principles.
Trademark Basics – Gowling WLG
The experts a Gowling WLG walk you through the basics of intellectual property and the essentials of trademark law.
FTMS Spring 2021: Smart City Waste Management
Learn how the City of Vancouver and Inovex created a waste management system using data and telematics.
FTMS Spring 2021: Gearing up for Autonomy – We’re Closer Than You Think
As sensor technology is integrated into logistics and smart city environments for asset tracking and data acquisition, it lays the groundwork to advance autonomous technology with a larger fail-safe sensor system that aid the vehicles in complex environments.