FTMS Spring 2021 Panel: Role of Cybersecurity & Smart Infrastructure
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The Future of Transportation and Mobility Series

Held annually, the Future of Transportation and Mobility Event Series explores and promotes a variety of topics and solutions to help accelerate the future of the connected and autonomous technology sector. The series — which features a new theme each year — is designed to engage decision-makers, industry, government, innovators and academia to explore opportunities affecting critical sectors of the economy in preparation for disruption in the transportation and mobility industries.
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Course Description

Cities become “smart” through the adoption of connected and autonomous vehicle technologies, AI, 5G and more. These advancements are intended to make the lives of residents better but will infrastructure systems be equipped to handle the role of data and security that “smart” cities will need? Hear from an esteemed panel of experts that are preparing for the future of cybersecurity in our cities of tomorrow.


Ali Hirji, AI Hub, Project Manager, Office of Research Services, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Durham College


Dr. Khalil El-Khatib, PhD, Professor, Networking & IT Security, Ontario Tech University Danny Aniag, Professor & Program Lead, Cybersecurity Graduate Program, Durham College

Dr. Ikjot Saini PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Windsor; Cyber Security Committee Member, Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association

The third annual Future of Transportation and Mobility Series event explored the future of goods movement and the supply chain, addressing the state of autonomous vehicle technologies from the first mile to the last, as we foster change and challenge the opportunities to bring the use of connected and autonomous technologies to reality. The event featured virtual keynotes, panels and networking with industry, entrepreneurs, government and academia