Why you should apply for Lions Lair


Only a few participants will leave with prize money, but we think there are a number of benefits outside of the cash and prizes

  • Exposure – In the past, through out the process we have managed to get media attention and generally all participants have been interviewed on radio, featured in print and received television coverage. While some of the media outlets may be local and not targeting your audience, in many cases they have help create other business connections, and even drive attention to your own media sites.  Participants from outside our region have often garnered media attention from their own local press. 
  • Training – We try to skip the entrepreneur 101 topics like business model canvas and spend time on how you articulate your business to others and grow.  A big part of fund  raising will be how to present your business appropriately. Past participants have raved about the quality of our growth, media and presentation training.  
  • Networking – We work hard to surround the event with key partners that can open doors. In the past this has included Angel Investors, Venture Capital Investors, International consulting firms, international Legal Firms and others. We expect our participants to network hard to this crowd. Even firms that may not have services you require have their own networks that they may be interested in connecting you with.  We have more than one example of a large firm connecting a participant with a potential client or partner. 
  • Reflection on your business – Sometimes you are too close to your own business. The process that participants go through help them take a critical look at all aspects of their journey.  

View some Past Participants

You can view previous winners and presentations here http://lionslair.ca/previous-shows/

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