Building a Marketing Sales Funnel for Your Business, with Marketing CoPilot
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We have worked with over 200 companies in the B2B technology and manufacturing sector to turn digital lead generation around. Our proven methodology to map your buyers’ journey to make an educated buying decision, has helped countless sales and marketing teams win. In today’s cluttered and confusing online environment, we can de-clutter your content strategy and get you on track to better sales results. Your website and web presence should be helping, not hurting your lead generation efforts.
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Course Description

In this course our friends at Marketing CoPilot walk you through the essentials on building your Marketing Sales Funnel, engaging with your leads and nurturing them to conversion.

If you are looking to build your base of leads, build trust and relationships that convert, and build a robust, automated sales funnel, then this course is for you.

But first, a message from our Client Services team, if you are not yet a client of Innovation Factory, or its CITM and Synapse divisions, start here: